Baby Teething Gloves

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Teething is a process that all babies must go through and that all parents dread. Teething can mean an uncomfortable and unhappy baby along with many sleepless nights. Comforting a teething baby can almost seem impossible at times. Teether toys are a great way to keep their tiny mouths busy, but not all teethers are safe to use. In fact, some have awful, harmful chemicals you’d want nowhere near your little one’s mouth. Fortunately, there are many products available to help ease babies and parents through this process. To determine which products will work best for baby, parents will need to understand about the teething process, learn how to identify the symptoms, and then select products that can ease these symptoms. Once the right solution has been found, the teething process will be a lot easier for baby, as well as mom and dad.

The Baby Teething Gloves is a baby product perfect for your baby is showing early signs of teething symptoms. It is aimed at 3-6 months olds and attaches to your baby’s hand to eliminate the risk of the teething toy falling on the floor.
The Baby Teething Gloves is great to use in the stroller, car or when you can’t be close enough to catch a teether that is about to fall on the ground. A classic sign of teething is when a baby chews their fingers, which can make them sore. The Baby Teething Gloves helps to prevent this, protecting your little one's hands.

Item specifics : 
Function: Teether
Packing: Single loaded
Material Feature: BPA Free, Latex Free
Shape: Palm
Material: Silicone

Description : 
Color: Green Blue Pink Orange Light green
Material: Food Grade Silicone, Fabric
Size: Approx 7*4*10cm

Package Includes : 
1piece×Baby Silicone Molar Teether Gloves