Bluetooth Smart Lock

With this amazing invention you can now lock your bicycles, motorcycle, locker, garage, door or even your house using your phone. No need to carry keys, simply lock and unlock it with your mobile phone. A keyless entry for enhanced security, no keys to lose or forget. With powerful anti-theft smart cable lock that includes: anti cutting ,anti disassembling, removing alarm, and vibration alarm - no one will be able to steal your belongings again. The app will even send you notification straight to your phone. 

Automatic Lock/Unlock

The lock will automatically unlock itself when phone is close by and will lock itself when phone is away. 

Manual Lock/Unlock

After pairing your phone to the lock via bluetooth simply click on your app to lock and unlock your lock. No keys needed. 

Phone Notifications & Vibrations

Setup your own notifications and the lock will text you or send you vibrations when someone is trying to unlock it. 

Low Power Alert

The lock uses 3 AAA batteries (average battery lifetime is 8 months). When your battery is running low you will get a notification to replace it. 


Your lock is waterproof so no worries about any weather conditions. 

Alarm Sound

A 110dB alarm will sound if someone will try to steal you belongings. 

Bluetooth - Works With All Smartphones 

Your lock works with both Android and iPhone (4s and above) systems. Simply pair it to your bluetooth and download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.