Electronic Pest Repeller

European style
us style

Shoo pests away by using this incredible electronic pest repeller. Rodents and roaches are sometimes inevitable to have in your home and this can really be a very annoying circumstance. With this pest repeller, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. This is guaranteed to drive roaches and rodents out of your home without any toxic chemicals and expensive treatments.

• Has great effect in 80 - 120 square meter room
• Can lustrate house mouse, black beetle, mosquito, flea, fly, cricket, ant, wood ant, etc.
• Ultrasonic of this machine is far away from the hearing range of humans
• Safe for humans and pets
• No negative effect on other household machines
• Material: Abs 
• Dimension: 90 x 56 x 50 mm

Note: Please allow 14 – 38 days of delivery period upon purchase