Gorgeous Red Rose Pop Up Card


The shimmering cover of Gorgeous Red Rose Pop Up Card features a laser-cut rose bouquet. Open this lovely card to reveal a red three-dimensional floral arrangement with delicate green leaves in a beautiful and intricately white cut vase. Red laser-cut embellishments adorn the outer edges of the card. 


  • Forever and Elegant 
    Roses are a timeless symbol of love and affection, but they wither far too soon. Our Gorgeous Red Rose Pop Up Card is forever, like your love.
  • Occasions for the Gorgeous Red Rose Pop Up Card
    Say "I love you" to that special person who always tells you not to waste money on fresh flowers.
  • Full of love expression
    This pop-up card expresses sweet sentiments any time of the year but is a wonderful gift for your mom on Mother's Day too.