Hate stress and anxiety? The Knockout Desktop Speed Bag is a great way to get some exercise, focus your mind, and beat negative energy once and for all!

  • Beat your negative energy – Let your stress, anxiety and restlessness out on this punching bag! You’ll feel good as new after a few minutes of unleashing your all.
  • Focus your mind - Having a physical preoccupation can help you think more clearly and focus on the important tasks at hand. Improve your productivity with the Knockout™ Speed Bag!
  • Get some quick exercise - Sitting at a desk for 8+ hours isn’t healthy. But how can you avoid it with your workload? This desktop punch bag is the perfect solution. Improve your dexterity, strength, and get some movement - without having to get out of your seat!
  • Lasts for years - Made from high quality polypropylene material, this bad boy is made to take a beating. It’ll be your trusty desktop companion for years to come.

Ready to beat stress and anxiety and get some exercise - without having to get up from your seat? Your Knockout™ Desktop Speed Bag is waiting!

  • Made of tough polypropylene material
  • Heavy duty spring bounces back for more punching
  • Weighted to sit firmly on your desk
  • Dimensions: 16x25cm
  • Weight: 700g
  • Perfect for desktop stress relief, exercise, and concentration