MyKee Brushed Titanium Multi-Tool Key

Enhance your everyday carry, without adding the bulk! This beautifully crafted minimalist multi-tool is the same size as a common house key, fits on all the same key rings, and conveniently features 20 practical tools you might need in a pinch! From poppin' bottles and tightening screws, to stripping wires and turning nuts, this handy gadget has you covered and is an essential for anyone who leaves their house daily without their tool box.

20 convenient tools, only the size of a key!

As everyday carry enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to create products that not only look good but also serve a real purpose while sticking to our minimalist roots approach to problem solving. That's why we designed the MSTRKEY to be the same size and shape a regular house key. Most people carry keys, and most people get into a jam where they could really use a tool to help them out – cut something, pry something, tighten or loosen a screw or nut... Why not offer the power of a toolbox that you can carry in your pocket unnoticed?

Anti-Cam Stepped Drivers & Pry Bar

The stepped sides of our screwdrivers and pry bar make their functionality superior to the traditional tapered shape you find on these tools. The steps ensure you lock into the screw you are turning, or object you are prying, preventing slipping (camming-out) and stripping the screw.